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DiCentra 3 - Projected Digital Competition Software

DiCentra 3 allows photographic societies and clubs to manage and run their digitally projected competitions.

The current version is DiCentra 4 which is a free upgrade from DiCentra 3 for licenced users. Click here to go to its web page.

This web page relates to DiCentra 3 which provides for:

It is used by photographic clubs across the UK, salons and the PAGB and The Royal Photographic Society.

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Organising Competitions with DiCentra


DiCentra allows competition organisers and projectionists to manage their digitally projected competitions by:

DiCentra scoring schemes include: Top

Hardware and Software Requirements

DiCentra runs on Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000 or Windows 98.


Purchasing and Costs

DiCentra costs £40 for photographic clubs and organisations.

The licence allows DiCentra to be used for activities organised by that photographic club or organisation on one or more computers.

The software is available for download - see below. A CD can be provided at an additional charge of £8 (not available outside UK).

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DiCentra Application (Current Version)
Version 3.16.179 (6 Mar 2013)
(See also .NET 1.1 Framework below)
Tutorials and the User Guide are installed when you install the application.
  Download DiCentra
Basic Installation & Quick Start Guide
.pdf format (6 Feb 2012)

 If you are using Windows 7 or 8 refer to one of the documents below for installation guidance. Return to this document for help getting started with DiCentra competitions.
  DiCentra Installation Guide
Detailed Windows 7 Installation Notes
.pdf format (9 May 2011)

DiCentra runs on Windows 7. These notes give installation guidance.
  DiCentra Windows 7 Installation
Detailed Windows 8 Installation Notes
.pdf format (27 Nov 2012)

DiCentra runs on Windows 8. These notes give installation guidance.  
  DiCentra Windows 8 Installation
Release Notes
.pdf format (6 Mar 2013)

  DiCentra Issues
DiCentra uses the Microsoft .NET 1.1 Framework.
This is needed to run DiCentra. Even if other .NET frameworks (2.0, 3.5 etc) are installed on your machine, you will still need to have the .NET 1.1 Framework too.

It can be downloaded here. (23 MB file)
  Download .NET Framework
Microsoft .NET 1.1 Framework Service Pack 1.
This is needed to apply updates to .NET 1.1 Framework

It can be downloaded here. (10 MB file)
  Download .NET Framework SP1
Documentation is provided in PDF format.
If you do not already have Adobe's PDF/Acrobat Reader installed you can download and install it here.
  Download Acrobat Reader
DiCentra Organiser
Version 1.3.29 (15 Jun 2010)
This can be used to take suitably named individual images and create one folder per entrant ready for loading into DiCentra
  Download DiCentra Organiser
DiCentra Organiser User Guide
.pdf format (15 Jun 2010)

  DiCentra Organiser User Guide
DiCentra Cropper
Version 1.0.8 (7 Feb 2012)
If you are running print competitions with DiCentra this can be used to rotate, crop and adjust the tone of photos of the prints.
  Download DiCentra Cropper

Application Notes

Application Note: Multi-Judge Competitions
.pdf format (3 Nov 2008)

  DiCentra Issues
Application Note: Installing DiCentra Updates on Non-Networked Machines
.pdf format (10 May 2009 )

  DiCentra Updates

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